Meet Kristen Hicks, our Indiana University Liaison for #JWiT2017!

Why I joined #JWiT2017

I joined JWiT2017 because of my strong passion in technology’s ability to transform our daily lives and my career interest involving our connected world. After I was enlightened on the world of technology beyond engineering (it’s place in the future of marketing, medicine, and beyond) I wanted to spread the word and help shatter the glass ceiling to what is possible for women in technology. There is so much brilliance within us and so little awareness of what is possible for us regarding careers in technology. There is also too little exposure of companies seeking diverse technological talent to the broad female MBA population. That must change. I joined to help make that connection and pathway clear not only my school’s MBA’s, but for all.


What #TechTogether means to me

#TechTogether means pulling all of our creativity and talent together to transform what tomorrow looks like. This can be self-driving vehicles for elderly to get to medical appointments, or an AI algorithm in artificial limbs to help the disabled move naturally once again, the possibilities are limitless and requires our collaboration.

The future is now and the additional minds of women are critical to societal advancement in this space.  In the future, I will continue to enthusiastically #TechTogether especially in collaborative conferences with the goal of making lives easier. I am excited for what is to come and hope you are too.