Meet Asya Bashina, our Cornell Tech Ambassador!

Why I Joined #JWiT2017

I joined Johnson Women in Technology 2017 because I believe that creating technology that changes world can only be achieved through diverse teams. By taking part in JWiT, I hope to learn techniques on how to inspire other women, and girls in particular, to pursue careers in STEM fields and in technology. I’m passionate about women in tech because I enjoy hearing stories from other women in the field and finding new ways to solve the tech diversity problem. 

What #TechTogether means to me

#TechTogether means working together cross-functionally with a diverse and inclusive group to develop technology projects that improve our daily lives. Before Cornell Tech, I ran the Boston Women In STEM Lean In circle. Many of the members spoke about how helpful it was to have a sponsor within your organization to help push your ideas through, and often times cited having other women as sponsors actually helped women get ahead in the workplace. I hope that JWiT will allow women to see each other as peers rather than competitors and will allows us to work together towards a common goal. I also hope that JWiT attracts a male audience, so that we can help achieve more diverse tech companies together.