Meet Sara Johnson, our #JWiT2017 Finance Chair!

Why I joined #JWiT2017

Coming from the Bay Area, I’ve had a lot of exposure to the discussions around lack of diversity in tech. I’ve lead networking events in partnership with awesome tech companies and it was always very inspiring. I came to JWiT to continue that conversation in the business school environment. I wanted to see which companies are investing in the advancement of women leaders, as that signals to me which companies are worth looking into for my own network. It is an exchange that shows our shared values. Being part of JWiT 2017 also gives me a chance to work closely with a powerful team of colleagues here at Johnson that I might not otherwise get a chance to work with. Already, it has been very rewarding and impressive to see the strengths of my classmates. I look forward to a great conference!


What #TechTogether means to me

Intersectionality is extremely important to me. “Women” is a broad label that holds many different experiences within it. Needless to say, not all women have the same experience in the workplace. What does it mean to be a woman of color in tech? What does it mean to be a gay woman in tech? What does it mean to be a mother in tech? What does it mean to pivot from another career to working side by side with someone who taught themselves to code without a college degree?  #TechTogether takes into account the different lived experiences of different people in tech. Innovators and entrepreneurs and hackers and marketers and builders and bloggers and technologists come in all forms, all genders, all skin tones, all languages and all abilities. This is where the value is. This is why tech, and why #TechTogether is exciting - because it has room for everyone at the table.