Meet Nicola De Vera, our #JWiT2017 Publishing Chair!

Why I joined #JWiT2017

Growing up, I have always been surrounded by strong capable women. I am also fortunate to have been raised in a country that has seen women rise and excel in various fields of interest, including business. On a global scale, however, this is not the case. While there is an increased movement advocating for female empowerment and equal opportunities, there is still (and always) more work to be done. Initiatives like the Johnson Women in Technology Conference help further this cause. I wanted to be involved in a forum that encourages inclusive learning, creates more opportunities for women MBAs, and equips female leaders and allies with the tools and network to enter and succeed in a male-dominated industry.


What #TechTogether means to me

Representation and collaboration. It means embracing differences in dialogue and discourse, and actively participating in mentorship and support systems to advance careers of women within the tech industry.

Technology is a powerful platform for conversations. Given the industry’s rapid growth and sheer influence, it is equally important that women are represented, heard, and involved. Diversity is at the core of #TechTogether, and I like to think that through technology, our collective voices can inspire, redefine roles, and ultimately move the conversations that matter forward for meaningful and impactful change.