Meet Anusha Bhatnagar, our #JWiT2017 Company Fair & Panelists Co-Chair

Why I joined #JWiT2017

JWiT is one of the few forums in the country for women in technology to connect with renowned leaders and learn from each other. Women are greatly underrepresented in the tech industry. Despite the gender divide, women like Marissa Meyers, Sheryl Sandberg have exceled in strategic roles and have merged as great leaders. JWiT’s endeavor to encourage women and promote diversity in the tech industry addresses this issue. Besides this, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to seek advice, build useful skills, pitch your creative ideas and network with technocrats.


What #TechTogether means to me

Creating a close-knit community which is committed to support and empower each other. Our mission is to bring together women and provide them with tools that can help them achieve their aspirations.

Women today need to transform themselves from being a mere spectator to being an influencer at workplace. Doing this alone can be a daunting task. Together we can share our challenges, success strategies, find mentors and lean-in for support. #TechTogether will bring different and unique experiences and perspectives on the table. #JWiT2017 will host different activities that will help us find strong allies and come closer. By working together as a team, we can become a formidable force in the future.