Adobe's Violet Bell Talks Tech and Leadership for Women

Violet Bell, Head of Financial Services & Insurance for Adobe Systems and #JWiT2016 panelist, sat down with us to talk about tech, leadership and advice for aspiring women leaders. 

Why are you passionate about technology and how did you #DaretoTech? 

In my teens, science and math were predominately thought to be male strengths. computer science and technology changed this to a more even playing field. Computer science while scientific is more about logic and analysis than about math. I wanted to make a difference and differentiate myself and getting into computer science early gave me the platform for carving out a path that has been hugely successful for me.

You have had an exciting career at the intersection of financial services and marketing. Could you tell us about some upcoming technology trends that are expected to play an important role in improving financial efficiencies and customer experience? 

Digital technologies and the internet of things coupled with big data and the cloud are revolutionizing the marketer’s ability to tie efforts to a return on investment. Customers want personalization in real-time and on a number of different mobile devices. The role of the marketer in financial services is to attract new clients, cross sell to their current clients and to retain these clients by constantly meeting their needs and offering them products that are relevant.

Adobe’s Marketing Cloud is a prime example of a set of tools to enable this personalization in real time.

What is the one piece of advice you would give women who want to achieve leadership positions in the tech industry?

Leadership in the tech industry is about differentiation through innovation with integrity. Continue to stretch yourselves and bring all new ideas to the table with a clear business plan for implementation and the ROI to the business and you will be seen as a leader. Combining new business value with hiring and retaining the best talent while continuing to deliver expected results will get you far but more importantly, and this applies to mostly women, make sure that you continually sell upwards. Let upper management know what your accomplishing and how you are adding to the business.