Meet the Team! Will Rodger, Sponsorship Co-Chair

Each week a member of the #JWiT2016 team introduces themselves to tell us how they #DaretoTech. Connect with us!

I joined JWiB because…

I wanted to be a part of a team that was mission-driven. It is very satisfying to be among talented people working towards a single goal. The conference, now in its third year, continues to grow and expand its impact both internally at Cornell and externally with the wider MBA community. As sponsorship co-chair, one of the best parts of my job has been meeting so many interesting people and talking to them about the mission of the conference.

Everyone on the board brings a unique perspective to our work, and I have been pleasantly surprised to discover just how talented and capable my colleagues are. We’re not done yet, but I can honestly say that the experience has been both humbling and rewarding.


I #DareToTech by…

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to code; what started as a personal challenge to myself has grown into something much more than that. It is the reason why I chose to pursue an MBA at Cornell and take part in the inaugural Digital Technology Immersion, a collaboration between Johnson and Computer and Information Science at Cornell. As a business person, writing code has influenced my strategic thinking ability, teaching me to think in terms of sequential and logical arguments. As a creative person, the immediacy of solving a problem and seeing it work in front of your eyes can be very satisfying.