Meet Jeannette Park, our #JWiT2017 Sponsorship Co-Chair!

I joined #JWiT2017 because...

Prior to coming to Johnson, my career was divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Sitting in conference rooms full of men talking about selfies, confused and speechless

Phase 2: Attending industry trade shows and pitching business ideas to C-level executives, trying to find an edge as one of the only females present

Pursing a career as a women in tech has definitely demonstrated some advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, I was able to grasp attention and express creativity with my unique approach. At other times, my voice was buried by the overwhelming opinions of my male peers. In both situations, I would have appreciated a strong women leadership, or a mentor to whom I could seek advice as to how to better position myself in those environments. I admire JWiT for its mission to empower women in technology and advocate women leadership. But, I joined JWiT because of the community. I enjoy being amongst peers with the same passions, pursuing the same goals, recognizing the same challenges, and working towards a single purpose.


#TechTogether means to me... 

TechTogether prioritizes the passion for Tech over any other attribute. Females, males, engineers, marketers, students, world travelers, gamers, creators, are brought together by Tech. "Together" and "community" are themes that are prevalent within Johnson, strong relationships and loyalty transpire throughout our organization. TechTogether brings that tight-knit community to a single focus: Tech. Technology transcends social barriers and obstacles, bringing us together #JWiT2017 #TechTogether.