Meet Rebecca Kim, our #JWiT2017 Company Fair & Panelists Co-Chair


I joined #JWiT2017 because...

As a woman desiring to enter the technology space with very few women representing the industry, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to increase the presence of women in an area that I’m passionate about. I want to help create a platform where more women will develop genuine interest and passion in the tech products and services that they use to make their lives better. I want to help break the stereotype that working in the tech industry is mainly for men, and I want to increase awareness in the tech space for women by being a part of organizing conferences such as Johnson Women in Technology and contributing in areas that I can. I think it’s extremely important to expose women and prepare them with the tools to succeed in such a rapidly evolving industry.

I joined JWiT because I’m positive that this conference will not only expose me and broaden my perspective on women’s presence in the tech space but also give me more motivation to see for myself how many women are out there who want to learn more about tech and what I can do proactively to help them. It will also challenge me to face areas that need to be improved. I strongly believe that JWiT is the best way for me to be involved in this process as a current Johnson student.

#TechTogether means to me... 

Tech Together means using resources and creating strong allies to encourage more women to enter the tech industry and be leaders in the industry. I believe that recognizing the partnership between different ally groups and bringing together like-minded individuals at conferences like JWiT will be the start of a greater movement that will benefit women in tech and help sustain their power. Together we can help change the perception of what it means to work in the tech industry and help people see that raising women leaders will greatly contribute to the rapid growth of the industry.

Ever since wanting to enter the tech industry, I found it very difficult to find many women working in this field. I didn’t realize just how few women were being represented until I spoke to a friend working in the industry who felt her voice was not being heard solely based on her gender and the lack of women’s presence and support as a whole. I want to help many women out there like my friend to not be discouraged by the present gender gap that exists in the industry and encourage them to step forward. As a board member, through JWiT, I want to help build mentor relationships between the influential women leaders currently in the tech industry and the MBA students who aspire to become like them in the future.