Meet our Wharton and Darden University Liaisons!

Every year, JWiT recruits University Liaisons from the top business programs in the nation. Liaisons have a history of commitment in promoting women in tech and work hard to spread the mission of JWiT at their university. They will be representing their university at the JWiT conference. We are so proud to be working with such accomplished and committed people. 

Divinity Matovu, WHARTON

I joined JWiT because…

As a rising tech entrepreneur and an advocate for women, the JWiT University Liaison role combines two of my passions, and enables me to play a significant role in helping connect Wharton women interested in tech to this phenomenal conference. Technology is one of the most disruptive forces in business right now, and I’m excited about my role with JWiT because I’ll be able to leverage the Wharton network to promote the conference and give back to address the gender diversity challenges facing the tech industry. On a personal level, being a JWiT university liaison provides me with the chance to be a leader and get access to the conference where I’ll be able to network and make advancements towards my professional development goals.

I #DaretoTech by...

Envisioning and building a dynamic online platform,, that empowers women to pursue their educational and career goals. MBA Mama is a safe space - online - that women can come to get tactical advice during their pre-MBA journey while also reading the stories of diverse groups of women who have MBAs from top tier institutions. I never saw myself as a tech entrepreneur (I prefer tech diva) but by curating this online space, I am using technology to address the very real problem of women - especially mothers - being underrepresented in business. I also #DareToTech by being a thought leader on issues like gender equality, diversity, motherhood, women in business, and entrepreneurship all of which I address through micro-blogging on my Twitter feed to 1,000+ followers, sharing publications on Facebook and LinkedIn, and publishing my opinions and commentary on MBA Mama’s blog. I’ve also written for Wharton JournalFortuneand Forté Foundation’s Business 360 Blog.

Rathi Bala, DARDEN

I joined JWiT because…

Women bring a unique set of strengths, and it is important to leverage these strengths in the ever-changing world of tech. Technology no longer means servers and Silicon Valley.  Technology is penetrating  every industry from banking to healthcare. I hope to see more opportunities for women to become involved in the technology movement across all industries.

I’m very excited to be a liaison this year and have the opportunity to interact with a variety of students and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds.  I look forward to fostering new relationships and engaging in inspiring discussions during and after the conference.

I #DaretoTech by…

Choosing to return to tech in a different capacity. As a former software implementation consultant, I’ve had my fair share of writing SQL queries, programming new interfaces, and deploying base code. I did not really enjoy all the technical work, but what I did enjoy was my client’s reaction when I created a custom window or taught them how to use a new feature of our product. I realized that I can still be in tech, but on my own terms. I am passionate about relating to products and end users and look forward to transitioning from B2B tech to consumer tech.