Meet the Team! Sowmya Ballakur, Company Recruitment Chair

Each week a member of the #JWiT2016 team introduces themselves to tell us how they #DaretoTech. Connect with us!

I joined JWiT because…

Being one of the few girls in my undergraduate Engineering class, I thought I had gotten used to being in the minority. However, it was amazing to see how the numbers dwindled even further as I worked my way through my masters and doctoral engineering degrees. The imbalance was even more noticeable once I joined the R&D workplace.

It is well known that the numbers for women in tech, especially women leaders, are abysmal. The story is familiar, however, I think the call for action has an increased sense of immediacy. I believe JWiT provides women MBAs an opportunity to find their fit in the tech world through conversation, discussions and learnings from women tech leaders and peers. I am excited to see what new learnings I will gain from all the fantastic people I hope to meet at this years’ JWiT Conference in March. Join Us!

I #DaretoTech by...

Transitioning from a pure technical role prior to my MBA to a leadership role in product management at large e-commerce company.

I have always tried to ensure that the common theme for my life thus far has been about my passion for technology and desire to continuously learn and develop new skills. This mindset led me directly into a Bay Area start-up, a large healthcare corporation and then business school. Going forward, I believe I will continue to #DaretoTech by moving out of my engineering centric career and challenging myself to thrive in broader world of technology and hi-tech. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some really great women leaders ,and I hope to someday be able to mentor more women and help them to find their individual, shiny path to success in tech.