Meet the Team! Becca Blanco, Social Media Chair

Each week a member of the #JWiT2016 team introduces themselves to tell us how they #DaretoTech. Connect with us!

I joined JWiT because…

I’m passionate about business, technology and people. From very early on in my career, I saw the importance of technology as a means to communicate, be it between people or a business to their customers. It’s exciting and I think has such a big impact on the way we interact. 

JWiT represents a way for me to dive deeper into digital marketing as the Social Media Chair, while also expanding on my passion for diversity issues. I believe with all of technology's implications- especially in communication- that technology should be designed for and accessible to everyone. A very big part of that is making sure the technology workforce represents the population it serves. Being a part of JWiT is a way for me to contribute and build an inclusive network that's driven toward results. 


I #DaretoTech by…

Joining JWiT! During my 7 years working in PR and events, I used social media a lot as part of larger PR strategies. This position allows me to really spend time and think strategically using metrics I learned while at Johnson. It’s been a blast and I’ve already learned so much in the past few months- especially from the super talented second year students here. I'm excited to learn more about the technical aspects as well, (through classes like Digital Marketing, Designing Data Products and Data Analytics + Modeling) and see how I can keep evolving and applying them to my role here at JWiT.